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Roman Bath House

The Roman Bath House

Panorama of Roman Cramond

Panorama of Roman Cramond

Cramond Tower

Cramond Tower

Cramond House

Cramond House


Cramond Kirk

Cramond Kirk



The Kirkyard. The obelisk on the left is one of Cramond’s early cast iron monuments

The Manse

The manse

Old Schoolhouse

The old schoolhouse

The old schoolhouse

Docks for Craigmill Quarry

Docks for Craigiemill Quarry

Cockle Mill

Cockle mill. These are the rehabilitated office buildings. The manager’s house stands at the top of the escarpment behind them.

Old Village

The old village from Dalmeny estate

Remains of Fairafar, or Niddry, Mill

Cramond Brig

Cramond Inn at the foot of Glebe Road

The dam for Fairafar Mill

Ronnie Rae working on his current & last sculpture. (the previous 20 were also his last)

Cramond Island and the Second World War anti-shipping barrier, at high tide.

The lodge for Cammo House

Cammo, or New Saughton, House in 1794

The water tower for Cammo House

The remains of the Cammo House stable block

Cammo House estate. The derelict golf club house

Lauriston Castle, with the original tower house on the left

Lauriston Castle, viewed from across the pond

A corner of the exhibition “Cramond’s Story” in the Maltings