Representing and promoting the community of Cramond, Barnton and Cammo in Edinburgh and safeguarding its heritage

Cramond Walled Garden

Unlocking The Garden’s Potential

The Cramond Association Walled Garden Group was set up to improve the garden’s facilities for the benefit of the whole community. Whilst the area is currently widely used - particularly as an exercise area for all ages during lockdown - it is clear that garden has an exceptional unlocked potential.  With some care and appropriate funding, we feel that this could become a wonderful focal point for the people of Cramond.  It is of the utmost importance to the Group to balance the protection of our archaeological heritage with the needs of the local community and our desire to provide a safe green space.

The Walled Garden Plan

In July 2020, Historic Environment Scotland provided unconditional consent for a plan to rejuvenate the walled garden. We were delighted to receive confirmation that the plan had been approved but it is now that the real hard work starts - particularly the process of securing the funding required to turn our plans into reality.

Due to shortages of public funding for these types of initiatives, we are limited to applying for charitable grants and seeking other avenues of revenue for the project. Whilst this may be a daunting task, we are positive that the plan can be realised, for the benefit of all. We would like to make the walled garden a safe, attractive and pleasant space that the people of Cramond can feel proud of, one that benefits health and well-being. We envisage collaboration with local schools and youth groups to help with the practical maintenance of the area, which will also help to foster a sense of ownership and community spirit. 

Current Design Plans

This shows the approved plan for the Walled Garden although we should point out that there is still room for manoeuvre on some of the detail given that we are not yet at the implementation stage.

Walled Garden Plan

More Information

If you have any specific fund-raising suggestions or would like further information on the Walled Garden project, or who would like to join the group please contact: