Representing and promoting the community of Cramond, Barnton and Cammo in Edinburgh and safeguarding its heritage

Grant Funding

The Cramond Association is now open to requests from its members for grant funding of up to £2500 per year to support projects geared to improving the quality of life for local people in the Cramond, Barnton and Cammo area (see map below).

To access funding, each project must have a project leader who will sit on the Cramond Association Action Group which meets at the Cramond Kirk Hall on the first Monday of every month.  The project needs to have at least five Cramond Association members as part of its delivery team and the team must be willing to host and present to a members’ meeting once a year.

Project Criteria

To qualify for grant funding, each project must be:

  • relevant to people living in Cramond, Barnton and Cammo
  • non-political and non-religious
  • geared to improving the life or amenity of local people or the local area
  • ideally brand new, and not a continuation of an existing project.

Project Ideas & Members Survey

Once you have joined (or re-joined) the Cramond Association, all members will be surveyed about the kind of projects they want to see happen in their local area.  Current ideas, for example, include flower tub planting, signage and security lighting. 

So, once you join, you can let us know what you want to see happen…and then make it happen by applying for grant funding!

To apply for grant funding, in the first instance send an email with a 100-word summary of your idea to

Cramond Association Area

Map of The Cramond Association area (courtesy of Google Maps. The area represented by the Cramond Association is enclosed with the black line.)